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Types of Promotional Pens ~ Color options
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There are a lot of good reasons that promotional pens are the most popular promotional giveaways. For business, promotional items need to not only do the job of advertising the company, they also need to be items that will be used by the recipient.

Metal Pens are a popular choice as promotional pensMetal Pens ready to add your logo!

And that's where the custom imprinted pens really shine. Just about everybody uses pens, and so being on the receiving end of this promotional gift is always appreciated.

And, what's more, since pens are often used in many different environments, there is a great chance that your advertising message will be seen by a large audience for a long time. Not a bad result for a relatively cheap promotional item.

But don't stop there.

Pen and pencil sets can do more for you than provide great value for your advertising dollar.

Types of Promotional Pens

Aluminum Pens are light and easy to use over long periodsAluminum Pens are light and ideal for day long use

You may not be aware that there are a few different types of promotional writing pens to choose from.

Choosing the right type for your business strategy, and for the right occasion, can help strengthen your message.

Here are just some of the choices available for your custom imprinted pens:

  • wooden pens 
    Learn more about wooden pens and wood pen sets
  • promotional metal pen
  • plastic pen
  • cool pens in different shapes and designs as unique promotional items
  • pen and pencil sets
  • pen and letter opener set
  • pen desk set
  • gel pen sets
  • unique pen gift set

And it doesn't stop there either.

Other things to consider include whether you prefer a standard click pen or a promotional twist pen.

Promotional pens can also come with other unique built-in features too: highlighters, gadgets, lanyards and more.

Think about color choice

At the very least, promote your corporate brand by using your company logo as the imprint, or by incorporating as part of a promotional package.

And, with so many choices in color, you can easily promote your corporate color(s) as well. This aspect is often overlooked in small business marketing plans, but it is an easy way to provide a subtle messaging.

Plastic Pens are good cheap promotional pensCheap Promotional Pens - Plastic Pens Offer a Great Colour Selection

Here's a quick test to demonstrate... Would your organization be best represented with traditional blue ink pens, red pens, or green gel pens as promotional items? Slim black pens or bright red pen on a lanyard?

And don't worry about pricing, you can choose colorful metals petal or plastic pens. Both individual imprinted pens and pencil sets are available in a variety of colors. Typical standard pen barrel colors include blue, black, green, orange, yellow and red pens.

Need cheap promotional items? Here's a quick tip...

Save money by ordering pens without an imprint.... Choose a pen color that has the best match to your company logo or event, and include your promotional giveaways as part of a package, or present them with cool packaging. In most cases, your order will qualify for the best wholesale pens pricing, even with minimum quantities.

Promotional Gift Pen Packaging

Velvet Sleeve for Promotional Pen
Gift Box for your Promotional Pen adds a touch of class

Did you know that there are a number of options available for individual gift pen packaging?

Here are some of the individual gift pen packaging choices available:

  • cardboard box (different colors and shapes)
  • plastic case (with clear cover and without)
  • lined case
  • plastic bag
  • velvet sleeve
  • wood box
  • metal box

It's another great way to help differentiate your promotional items in a crowd. The packaging can be ordered separately from the promotional pen, so you don't have to match quantities.

Get the most out of your promotional advertising, think about how you can use a promotional pen as part of your overall business marketing plan.

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