Which promotional products
suit your brand?

How do you choose the right promotional products for your business?

There are all sorts of custom printed items available, and putting some thought into the right choice for your business will help you get the best result for your brand.

Here are some popular promotional items to get you started...

Promotional Calendars

promotional calendarsPromotional Wall Calendars are a popular choice

One of the most popular promotional products are calendars. With the huge variety of themes available, you can choose a style that complements your organization: food and recipe calendars, classic autos, real estate, floral bouquets, and scenic calendars with many different themes available.  Calendars are also the first choice for religious promotional items as well.

You may be surprised at how reasonably priced these promotional items are.

For an easy way to keep your organization name handy, promotional calendars fit the bill nicely.

You can choose from wall calendars, desk calendars and special format calendars, pocket calendars, or planners journals and agendas.

Promotional Pens

Most businesses will benefit from promotional giveaways that are used by both clients and suppliers, and also employees. Promotional pens fit the bill nicely because they have obvious benefit to almost everyone.

But don't just choose any promotional pen! There are hundreds of choices, and you can take the opportunity to promote your brand by doing basic things as using your company colors, and also signal your value position to clients by choosing the right style of pen too.

A popular new item are promotional stylus pens. Or, you may want to mix things up a bit and stand out with highlighters, pencils or erasers

If you're looking for cheap promotional items for volume gifting, consider these cheap promotional pens under $ .50 or under $ 1.50, for great value!

Promotional Mugs

custom printed coffee mugsMake a lasting impression with Promotional Mugs

Similar to the use of pens, promotional mugs are popular promotional products because they provide a welcome gift for clients, suppliers and staff. And with the growing focus on eco-friendly products, offering the right type of promotional mug will also signal your commitment to broader social issues as well.

Choose from traditional ceramic mugs, travel mugs or one the attractive new stainless steel mugs

Or, consider expanding your selections, with Sport BottlesPrinted Glassware, Barware or Koozies.

Promotional Bags

As more and more people are moving away from plastic bags, the opportunity to advertise your company with promotional bags becomes greater and greater.

There are imprinted tote bags of every type and size - canvas bags, thermal bags, gym bags and travel bags and other promotional travel items.

There is a great choice of color and style available to suit your organization and your client's needs.

Promotional Magnets

Do your clients reach for the easiest name available when they need your service? Then providing promotional refrigerator magnets can help keep your organization name literally at their fingertips.

And, if your an organization that provides an occasional service, such as health care, florists or auto repair, then these are a great choice of promotional items for you.

Promotional magnets - especially calendar magnets - are also a great choice for schools, daycares or any situation where you want to direct people to specific dates.

Best of all, it's easy to get custom magnets in the shape that suits your industry - a great way to stand out!

Promotional Apparel

The most popular promotional apparel are t-shirts and promotional hats, but you may also want to consider promotional lanyards, jackets, rain ponchos and other promotional clothing as well.

You can choose to shout out your company message, or subtly promote your brand with a strategically placed logo.

There are lots of other promotional products available as well - airplane luggage tags, binders, document holders, USB sticks, golf balls, menu covers, pocket protectors, and lots more.

To get the most out of your promotional products, choose the item, style, color and imprint that best reflect your organization and meet your client's needs.

We can help you choose what will best suit your organization.

We've been in the business of promotional items for over 30 years, and work with a great variety of manufacturers, so we can offer you great choice and value.

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